Martial arts enthusiast
Camera wielder
Yatish Parmar

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2007-2008 (Kings College London)
MSc (Disctinction) Digital Technology and Culture

2004-2005 (Kings College London)
PGCE ICT (Grade A)
Awarded Blackwell prize for Teaching (ICT)

2000-2004 (Brunel University)
Bsc (Hons) Information Systems


Teaching Practice
I have taught in a range of schools in inner-city London. I have experience in delivering a range of ICT courses and have provided consultancy services to a Gateway 1 consortium for the 14-19 Diploma.

Life Before Teaching
I have worked on a range of projects for various large and small organisations. These range from database development and BPR to support and networking to marketing and business development activities.

Teaching and Learning

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JavaFX Tutorials

  1. Creating a JavaFX window
  2. Adding Action Listeners
  3. Importing Images
  4. Creating a (2D) game:
    1. Creating the main screen | Sprites & Graphics zip
    2. Using a timer
    3. Creating missiles
    4. Collision detection
    5. Possible extensions
  5. The JavaFX Canvas
    1. Part 1: Basic skills
    2. Part 2: Using images on the canvas | Blob sprites
  6. Mouse Events and extracting parts of an image using PixelReader | turntable.jpg
  7. Playing sounds in JavaFX using AudioClip and MediaPlayer |
  8. Dinkey Tong (A Donkey Kong clone)
  9. Creating a side-scroller platform game: COMING SOON
    1. Creating a scrolling level |
    2. Animating sprites |
    3. Creating a tile map |
    4. Developing a physics engine